Expected Results

We will establish Sturgeon Advocates in both Romania and Bulgaria and aim that they become recognized as liaison persons and information sources regarding sturgeon issues by fishermen in the region. We will provide fishermen with information about alternatives to substitute income from illegal sturgeon fishing. By the end of the project fishermen in our target villages will have increased knowledge and awareness on sturgeons and the threat of overfishing.

We anticipate that by the end of the project major sturgeon farming and caviar producing companies in Bulgaria and Romania will explicitly commit to sustainable sourcing and full compliance with EU and national regulations and thus ensure that they will not increase the demand for poached caviar but support the protection of wild sturgeons.

We will organize workshops and provide training on the job for competent enforcement authorities in Bulgaria and Romania, fostering capacity building, knowledge exchange, transborder cooperation and learning from other EU countries, and leading to enhanced enforcement of existing measures for the conservation of sturgeons.

WWF's Jutta Jahrl © WWF

WWF’s Jutta Jahrl