Project Results

The Danube River basin preserves some of the most important sturgeon populations in the world today, with Romania and Bulgaria holding the only viable populations of wild sturgeons in the European Union.

This project aimed to tackle overfishing, the main threat to the survival of Danube sturgeons. It set out to stop the overexploitation of the critically endangered Danube sturgeons in Bulgaria and Romania and to secure the long term survival of these species with their high natural and economic value. The project represented a major contribution to European biodiversity protection.

Below you can find the results of the project, which ran from July 2012 until September 2015.

Layman’s Report

A brief overview of the project, its outcomes and our next steps

LIFE Saving Danube Sturgeons

Long-term strategic directions for the conservation of sturgeons in the Lower Danube from illegal fishing and trade

Communication plan

Planned communication activities after the end of the project