Video Gallery

To stop overfishing, still the main threat to the survival of Danube sturgeons, we produced a TV spot for airing on national television and other TV channels in Bulgaria and Romania. ‘When species are disappearing, there is nothing to be proud of” is the main message of the video. This is the English-language version of the TV spot.

The main reason Danube sturgeons are so highly endangered is the treasure they carry: their caviar. Due to intensive fishing in the past, wild sturgeons are threatened with extinction in the Danube after having already disappeared in many places around the world. WWF’s film “Sturgeons. Protect Danube’s treasure” was produced as part of the project “Joint actions to raise awareness on overexploitation of Danube sturgeons in Romania and Bulgaria”.

The award-winning WWF documentary “Lords of the Danube” focuses on the importance of conservation of Danube sturgeons. Through the eyes of fishermen, scientists and decision-makers the film demonstrates that despite the threat, there is hope to save Danube sturgeons.

The award-winning WWF documentary “Lords of the Danube” with German and French subtitles.

The short WWF film “Saving the Lords of the Danube” is targeted at decision-makers in the Danube region and is a call to action to save Danube sturgeons.