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The fish production and processing chain in Romania must improve

Measures must be taken to improve the fish production and processing chain in Romania. This is one of the conclusions of the third sturgeon round table meeting held in Romania on 13 May at the Ciocănești Fish Farm near Bucharest. The meeting was part of the project “Sturgeons. Protect Danube’s Treasure”.

Sturgeons go to London

Nowadays, the Iron Gates dam might stop Danube sturgeons from going upstream all the way to Germany, but their story knows no borders. This is how sturgeons reached London. They were in the spotlight at an event this month organized by the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) chaired by Brian Zimmerman, curator at the ZSL Aquarium. The event focused on flagship species on the brink of extinction.

A giant sturgeon comes to life for Earth Hour in Bulgaria

No sturgeon can stay invisible for long if 1,000 people with torches and mobile lights walk its contours. This is what people did in Sofia, Bulgaria, during Earth Hour this year. You can see the amazing results in the light painting above – it is the largest single symbolic coming together of sturgeon fans in the country to protect the overfished species so far.

WWF Bulgaria begins 50-000 strong sturgeon restocking

November was a big month for Danube sturgeons. Some 11,000 baby Sterlets (Acipenser ruthenus)  were released in the river at the site of Persina Nature Park in Bulgaria. The event was part of a 50-000 strong sturgeon restocking plan financed by Operational Programme Environment 2007-2013. It is part of the sturgeon programme of WWF.

Meet the team: WWF’s George Caracaș, the sturgeon advocate in Romania

It’s 6:20 am, much too early for a regular office day, but just the right time to be on a train to Fetești, where we are going to spend a day among fishermen, on one of the banks of the Danube, to talk about sturgeons. But this isn’t a story about fishermen, but about the sturgeon advocate who talks on a weekly basis with them. Meet George, WWF-Romania’s Freshwater Project Officer, the best friend sturgeons ever had. Although he is a cat lover.